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Our catalogue

Newly welcomed to the East End, and OFFICIAL DEALER for Fender, Gibson USA and Custom Shop, Gretsch, Epiphone, and Faith, we’re the first stop for NEW and VINTAGE guitars. Situated on the sunny streets of Shoreditch, boasting a top floor of shiny new goodies and a basement of old and aged delights. Our superstore guitar emporium is a must see. Come sit on one of our comfy leather chairs and enjoy a strum on some highly collectible and gorgeous guitars that will leave your heart full and your fingers blessed. If it’s quiet, we may even make you a brew.

We do our best to keep our stock fresh and up to date online, but if you have any questions or special requests for items not listed here then get on the blower and chat to one of our charming team. Alternatively, we love getting emails too so check out the contact page and send us some lovely words.


Talk to us today about any guitar you’d like to buy or sell on:

0207 729 9186

Or you can email us on: