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The Team

Steve Founder. Owner of VGB and more importantly owner of the cutest pooch in the east end, Steve’s got 15 years experience in the vintage guitar trade, with an unrivalled passion for vintage instruments, this is as much a labour of love as it is a business. He believes in open and honest trading and ensuring that the customers needs are the top priority. 

Gilbert ~ Boss Dog. Cutest pooch in the East End.

Jo ~ Supervisor.  If its first class gear knowledge you’re after she's got you covered; admin questions? She’s got the answers. Our resident scribe, you’ll find her detailed product descriptions across this site as well as on our blog page where she goes beyond the guitar and looks deeply into the players and culture surrounding the instrument. When not keeping the rest of Team VGB on point  (really, its an endless task) she can be found at the heart of store, listening to classic Motown records.

Jamie ~ Gear Guru. Our in-house pedal wizard and gear freak. A pro musician that’s madly passionate, Jamie’s got years of touring experience under his belt so if you need advice on finding the perfect set-up that’s stage ready, he’s the guy to see.

James ~ Gear Guru. He’s bearded, burly, and a self-confessed guitar nerd. For advice on everything amplified and stringed he’ll lead you in the right direction. With a degree in guitar making, he’s also a deft hand when it comes to instrument care and maintenance. Always happy to share his knowledge when it comes to looking after your beloved axe and keeping it in tip top shape. 

Martin ~ Vintage Specialist. He exudes style, he’s got the sharpest wit this side of the Thames, this guy lives and breathes vintage. Whether you’re a professional player, collector, or first time vintage buyer, Martin has a wealth of experience and expertise to help you find that perfect piece. With his unparalleled passion and knowledge of vintage instruments and amps, you’ll be sure to receive the best advice in town.