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1958 Fender Esquire - Blonde

1958 Fender Esquire - Blonde - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Superb player grade, original finish 50's Fender Esquire. This has clearly been a working guitar all its life and it's no surprise as it looks and sounds so good. As Fender used Telecaster bodies for the Esquire model they have an existing neck pickup route, thus the addition of the Seymour Duncan single coil is non-invasive and can be removed and reinstated to original if you can source an original guard. The pickguard has been replaced with an eight hole repro but no extra holes were drilled. The bridge is early 60s threaded saddle Fender but again there was no need to drill any holes. It has been refretted in the past during which the neck was oversprayed with a clear coat.

You have the option of keeping this guitar as is: an excellent working instrument with tonnes of mojo, or for the vintage savy it would make a really good project guitar with not much needing to be spent to put it back to it's original state. Complete with vintage Selmer case. If you're looking for a 50s Tele or Esquire on a budget look no further!

Original pots - '58 - 8th week
Original cloth wiring
Original bridge pickup (albeit rewound)
Replaced pickup switch
Neck pencil date 5/'58
Early 60s threaded saddle bridge
Repro guard
Heavy buckle wear to the back
Lots of lacquer crazing all over
Minor fingerboard wear mainly on first position

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