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1961 Fender Concert - Brownface

1961 Fender Concert - Brownface - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-1957

Model Overview:
This early Fender brown face Concert is in good overall condition. Introduced in 1960 and only made for 5 years the Concert is a two-channel amp, 40watts, and 4x10 configuration. A fantastic amp at a new "boutique" price.

Model Name: Concert
Year: 1962
Voltage: US, but with added UK step-down transformer
Wattage: 40W

Valves: 2x Philips 6L6GC, 6X 12AX7 - Sylvania
Speaker: Original 4xOxford 10K5
Transformers: Replaced Output Transformer, later Fender. Original PT and choke. Added UK step-down transformer
Filter Caps: Original
Tone Circuit: Virtually stock, a few replaced electrolytics

Cabinet: Brown tolex-covered pine
Grille: Wheat
Handle: Later Fender replacement

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