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1966 Epiphone Newport Bass - Cherry

1966 Epiphone Newport Bass - Cherry - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3138

Model Overview:
This 1966 Kalamazoo factory Epiphone Newport bass has heaps of 60’s mojo, featuring a Mahogany body, large EB humbucking pickup, bat wing headstock and bold cherry finish. The shorter scale and slim neck on these makes them very comfortable for smaller hands and equipped with lighter strings it allows for nimble movements across the fingerboard. This example has a changed bridge but is otherwise all original, it’s got tons of character with lacquer checking across the body, plus the design is supremely stylish and enticingly retro.

Changed bridge, otherwise all original. Finger rest has been moved to the bass side leaving two holes in the pickguard, lacquer checking across the top and back of the body, back of the neck is clean.

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