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1976 Fender Precision - Jazz Conversion - Sunburst

1976 Fender Precision - Jazz Conversion - Sunburst - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-1732

Model Overview:
A killer player grade seventies Precision modded with EMG jazz bass pickups, attractive vibey wear to both the neck and body and the new pickups deliver a well defined tonal sweep, rounded and warm through to bright and punchy. An affordable versatile bass with heaps of vintage charm. Comes with a non-original hardshell case.

Active EMG neck pickup, passive EMG bridge pickup, routing under the guard for second volume knob, changed pots. Attractive arm wear and buckle rash on the back. The rosewood fingerboard and frets are in excellent shape. A changed nut but original tuners. Very cool large seventies F stamped bridge cover, changed guard, changed tone and volume knobs.

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