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Cornell Romany Plus 1x12 - Tweed

Cornell Romany Plus 1x12 - Tweed - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-2092

Model Overview:
The Cornell Romany-Plus Combo is designed for home and studio, this is a small 10 watt valve but with plenty of headroom to play with, and it comes with organic, rich sounding spring reverb. The Cornell Romany-Plus has a natural distortion sound that was popular in America back at the beginning of guitar amplifier design. It’s a classic tone that remains synonymous with early blues. The output is produced from a single valve, known as “single-ended class A output”. The lack of cross-over distortion when the valve clips, results in the Cornell-Romany tone. Featuring a unique power reduction design that reduces the output over 4 levels; the maximum of 10 watts is reduced to around 0.05 watts. These 4 settings will allow you to play from a considerably distorted sound to a clean 10 watts.

Hi input (2meg), Volume (47k), Bass, Treble, Reverb
Switches: EQ Cut, Power A-B-C-D, Mains (On/Off)

Other Features:
Valves: ECC83 (x2), ECC81 (x1), 6L6GT (x1)
Output: A - 10 watts, B - 1½ watts, C - 0.3 watt , D - 0.05 watt, 8 ohm jack
Cabinet: Classic Tweed, Brown grille, Leather handle
weight: 29lbs (13kg)
Size: 15 x 21 x 8.5 (inches)
Reverb: Long reverb spring (Accutronics) located at bottom of cabinet.
Single ended class A Cathode bias
Supplied with Jensen 12inch Blue Label speaker

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