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Earthquaker Devices - GHOST ECHO

Earthquaker Devices - GHOST ECHO
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Product ID: P-11574

Model Overview:

This is EQD's take on amp top reverbs of old; this vintage voiced reverb capable of everything you'd expect from and EQD unit, a modest verging on slap-back verb to a luscious, thick, sustaining reverbaration. 

Model Specs:


  • Attack: Adjusts the length of the pre-delay, from 30ms at minimum to about 150ms at maximum. When the Dwell is set to self-oscillate, this will change the pitch of the oscillations.
  • Dwell: Adjusts the length of the decay. This will start to self-oscillate around 3 O’Clock, the pitch of the oscillations can be changed by turning the Attack control.
  • Depth: Mixes in the wet signal with the dry, unity is around noon and everything after is boosted.


  • 4.625″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″ with knobs

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