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Fredric Effects - Foxrite - Fuzz

Fredric Effects - Foxrite - Fuzz - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-1802

Boutique pedals minus the boutique price tag, handmade by local London art rockers and adorned with delicately screen-printed graphics, Fredric stompboxes are durable, high quality, worthy clones of classic rare effects. The 60’s Silicon mosrite Fuzzrite was a notoriously aggressive fuzz, it was mad, full on psychedelia at its best. The Fredric Foxrite is an exact reconstruction of the original circuit with the addition of a boost stage, bringing the volume up to more modern expectations. Featuring a central slider switch, select ‘Rite’ for vintage correct Fuzzrite, or ‘Rong’ for a popular variation of the circuit where the two gain stages are kept in series.

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