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Fredric Effects - Mutant Fuzz

Fredric Effects - Mutant Fuzz - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3232

Boutique pedals minus the boutique price tag, handmade by local London art rockers and adorned with delicately screen-printed graphics, Fredric stompboxes are durable, high quality, worthy clones of classic rare effects. A classy clone of the Regulus VIII famously wielded by 60’s/70’s Brazilian psych lords Os Mutantes, the Mutant Fuzz is a searing silicon fuzz with a gritty and trebley character that’s quintessentially 60’s. The Mutant Fuzz is an accurate recreation with some added power and RF interference filtering to prevent pick-up from the radio as the originals are known for. The tone control allows you to switch between hi/low with the hi setting for classic nasty 60’s tone and the low delivers bassier, less focused and truly dark sounding fuzz effect. They’ve set the level of gain at ‘just right’ but you can roll back the guitar volume to clean up.

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