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Fredric Effects - Warp Sound - Distortion

Fredric Effects - Warp Sound - Distortion - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3227

Boutique pedals minus the boutique price tag, handmade by local London art rockers and adorned with delicately screen-printed graphics, Fredric stompboxes are durable, high quality, worthy clones of classic rare effects. A modernised version of the elusive 70’s Vorg Warp Sound, most notably used by Kevin Shields, it’s an unusual distortion and filter effect similar in theory to the Systech Harmonic Energiser but with it’s own unique character. This is a faithful recreation with just the internal distortion control moved to the outside of the enclosure. This is distortion with a melodic and ambient nature, it’s rich-sounding but still aggressive. Push the gain up and you’ll find yourself in fuzz territory, a distinctive and excellent versatile effect.

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