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JAM Delay Llama Plus

JAM Delay Llama Plus - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-2123

Rare NOS chips, specially selected matching NOS chips, tropical fish caps, and carbon comp resistors. Jam pedals aren’t messing around; these are the highest quality components for authentic, handmade, and beautifully styled 60’s and 70’s classic effects. For those that crave true, 100% authentic, lo-fi analog repeats, the Jam Delay Llama captures classic vintage echo sounds, it’s also perfect for experimenting and creating original, wild ambience and noise. The Delay Llama plus features a hold switch for infinite oscillating loops in addition to an expression pedal input, meaning almost endless possibilities to play with. Other features include Bucket Brigade chips; a faithful recreation of the Panasonic MN3205, maximum delay time of 600ms, and rectangular internal trimmer for adjusting repeats, the Delay Llama plus is a comprehensive and authentic analog delay.

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