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JAM Retrovibe - Modulation

JAM Retrovibe - Modulation - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-2132

Rare NOS chips, specially selected matching NOS chips, tropical fish caps, and carbon comp resistors. Jam pedals aren’t messing around; these are the highest quality components for authentic, handmade, and beautifully styled 60’s and 70’s classic effects. There’s a multitude of UniVibe style pedals available, the thing that distinguishes the Jam Retro Vibe is their dutiful recreation of the original design using four photocells surrounding a pulsating light, for a truly authentic modulation effect the Retro Vibe is outstanding. Other features include an internal trimmer for reducing output, an internal trim pot that adjusts maximum intensity, and the depth and speed controls provide plenty of possibilities to play with.

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