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JAM Tubedreamer 58

JAM Tubedreamer 58 - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-2134

Rare NOS chips, specially selected matching NOS chips, tropical fish caps, and carbon comp resistors. Jam pedals aren’t messing around; these are the highest quality components for authentic, handmade, and beautifully styled 60’s and 70’s classic effects. One of four specially designed incarnations of the Tube Screamer by Jam, the Tube Dreamer 58 features the JRC4558D chip as used in the original TS808 with the addition of three diodes for asymmetrical clipping. Like the original, the Tube Screamer 58 preserves the dynamics of your input signal for a responsive and organic tube-like overdrive. This is authentic Tube Screamer tone offering essential mid-range boost so your lead tones really shine through in a mix.

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