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JAM Wahko - Wah

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Product ID: P-2138

Rare NOS chips, specially selected matching NOS chips, tropical fish caps, and carbon comp resistors. Jam pedals aren’t messing around; these are the highest quality components for authentic, handmade, and beautifully styled 60’s and 70’s classic effects.For an exceptional and authentic, vintage-sounding Wah, look no further than the Wahcko. The result of painstaking research, the Jam Wahcko features the very best wag-pot on the market, with carbon comp resistors and Red Fasel inductor for pure vintage tone. They’ve also thrown in an internal trimmer allowing you to adjust the input gain, a clever allen set screw in the front of pedal for adjusting the sweep of the pedal, plus a toggled seagull effect as used by David Gilmour! The just perfect vocal sweep and pure vintage tone makes this arguably the best wah out there yet.

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