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JHS Muffuletta - Fuzz/Distortion

JHS Muffuletta - Fuzz/Distortion
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Product ID: P-11746

Model Overview:

This is a multi voiced fuzz, arguably the final word in fuzz as this covers so much ground; the first profile is the JHS Fuzz - a new take on a classic circuit but as is standard with JHS giving you a little more, the second is the 73 rams head - this has a scooped midrange a bit less gain and is slightly darker, the third is the triangle - more low end response but more articulate overall, the fourth is the pi - a more agressive sounding fuzz, the fifth is the russian a great garage sounding muff and, the sixth is the civil war - a more mid range muff with less gain. 

A great all purpose fuzz with six different voices and a load of control over each voice. 

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