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Red Witch Fuzz God II

Red Witch Fuzz God II - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3324

Way, way, way across the other side of the pond, in a tiny little town, on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand, Redwitch pedals have been quietly building a somewhat mighty name for themselves. Creating clever effects devices that are completely new and entirely unique, using only the highest quality, close tolerance parts and inspiring the likes of Andy Summers and Reeves Gabrels. These are sonically superior stompboxes. An imitable silicon fuzz lord, the Redwitch Fuzz God II is not just a silicon fuzz, it’s liable for all manner of destruction with suboctave and crazed oscillation, eternally sustained notes, and screeching high frequency note corruption. It’s got smooth singing fuzz, broken up crunch, and sputtery gated dirt, there’s also treble boost, and true bypass. It’s a huge, dreamy palette of chaos.

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