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Red Witch Medusa Chorus Tremolo

Red Witch Medusa Chorus Tremolo - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3325

Way, way, way across the other side of the pond, in a tiny little town, on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand, Red Witch pedals have been quietly building a somewhat mighty name for themselves. Creating clever effects devices that are completely new and entirely unique, using only the highest quality, close tolerance parts and inspiring the likes of Andy Summers and Reeves Gabrels. These are sonically superior stompboxes. The long-awaited reissue of the Red Witch Medusa has landed, and it won’t disappoint. Shimmery and sparkly chorus paired beatifically  with pulsating warm tremolo. This is a unique device which delivers either chorus or trem independently or a blend of both effects, the ChorusTrem. Another original feature is the adjustable delay time via the Iridescence control, this’ll take your chorus from light and airy all the way to deep and swampy. It’s full stereo, all the controls are fully interactive and it comes with an expression pedal input. A vastly versatile and rich sounding stompbox.

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