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Red Witch Synthotron - Filter / Synthesiser / Octaver

Red Witch Synthotron - Filter / Synthesiser / Octaver - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3334

Way, way, way across the other side of the pond, in a tiny little town, on the west coast of the north island of New Zealand, Redwitch pedals have been quietly building a somewhat mighty name for themselves. Creating clever effects devices that are completely new and entirely unique, using only the highest quality, close tolerance parts and inspiring the likes of Andy Summers and Reeves Gabrels. These are sonically superior stompboxes. The 100% analog Synthotron isn’t just a stompbox, this neat device turns your guitar into a whole new instrument. Delve greedily into a world of twin voices, amplitude modulation, envelope filtering, sample hold, and awesome octaving. Use the synthesiser and filtering independently or simultaneously, but it’s all pure, dreamy analog synth sounds that’ll likely occupy many hours of psychedelic meandering.

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