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Subdecay - Anamnesis Echo - Delay

Subdecay - Anamnesis Echo - Delay - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-1757

Handmade in Oregon, these bold stompboxes harness the best of vintage tone and the surrealistic sounds of analog synthesisers and 8-bit computers. Subdecay effects offer an entire landscape of sonic exploration. Taking inspiration from old Echoboxes with a companderless design, and with a digital delay paired with an LFO the Subdecay Anamnesis Echo offers an expansive, deeply rich, modulated delay. From swooshing shoegaze ambience, to fast and sharp arpeggiated sequences, to bizarre percussive clangs, this is an incredibly versatile pedal for the price. The Anamnesis Echo likes clean and overdriven tones, and features an internal switch for allowing delay decay to continue after bypass is engaged.

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