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Subdecay - Harmonic Antagoniser - Fuzz / Oscillator

Subdecay - Harmonic Antagoniser - Fuzz / Oscillator - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3224

Handmade in Oregon, these bold stompboxes harness the best of vintage tone and the surrealistic sounds of analog synthesisers and 8-bit computers. Subdecay effects offer an entire landscape of sonic exploration. A dystopian and reckless noise machine, the Subdecay Harmonic Antagoniser is a triggered oscillator and square wave fuzz, this is not traditional smooth 60’s fuzz, it’s abrasive, noisy and glitchy. The fuzz circuit pushes and pulls the oscillator to related frequencies and tightens the signal when things get messy. A voltage controlled amplifier trails off the output as the input level falls so no hard gating. There’s a Sustain control for increasing sustain (not the amount of fuzz - this box is always squared, distorted and fuzzy), Blend control sets the mix of the fuzz and oscillator circuits, and manually set the frequency of the oscillator via it’s Freq. control, set it low for raw bass synth sounds and high for sync oscillator effect. Finally the Sense is the envelope control of the oscillator, turn it to the right and higher input drives the oscillator into higher frequencies. For weird futuristic glitchy fuzz akin to a malfunction analog synth or a broken bit computer, this mean little box will provide plenty of tricks, plus it’s works with other musically inclined gadgets so all the wild noise making isn’t just restricted to guitar.

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