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Subdecay - Variac Overdrive

Subdecay - Variac Overdrive - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-1758

Handmade in Oregon, these bold stompboxes harness the best of vintage tone and the surrealistic sounds of analog synthesisers and 8-bit computers. Subdecay effects offer an entire landscape of sonic exploration. The Subdecay Variac Overdrive packs all your favourite classic rock tones into one stompbox, with all the dynamics and articulation of a hot-rodded tube amp, the Variac Overdrive is both a tube amp and a power amp, with two phase inverter options. Hidden controls include 7.5 – 15 volts power supply affecting wide changes in headroom and compression. It’s an expressive overdrive so just like your favourite old tube amp it really blooms at high volume, but it’s a great pedal for practicing quietly as well! Based on actual old tube circuits, this is an entire era of sweet, classic rock tone at your fingertips.

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