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Subdecay - Vitruvian Mod - Ring Modulator

Subdecay - Vitruvian Mod - Ring Modulator - Vintage Guitar Boutique - 1
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Product ID: P-3222

Handmade in Oregon, these bold stompboxes harness the best of vintage tone and the surrealistic sounds of analog synthesisers and 8-bit computers. Subdecay effects offer an entire landscape of sonic exploration. For real synthesiser ring modulation the Subdecay Vitruvian utilises additive synthesis paired with unique pitch detecting capabilities, where other ring modulators have been hard to use and result in little more than uncontrolled dissonance the Vitruvian Mod provides unparalleled ease of use and it’s pitch detecting capabilities creates exciting harmonic structures to play with. The range of settings with the Vitruvian Mod is too extensive to go into detail here, but to give a brief overview the controls are intuitive and allow much greater control than other ring mod effects. Functionality of the carrier control and fine tuning varies based on the switchable Entropy settings, this basically determines the harmonic tones that are added with either fixed steps or a continuous range, there’s also switchable tracking modes. It delivers classic synthesiser ring modulation plus it’s great for getting synth bass and bass fuzz tones out of your guitar. For authentic synthesiser effects the Vitruvian Mod is mind-bending.

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