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Supro - 1690T - Coronado 2x10 Tube Amplifier (240v)

Supro - 1690T - Coronado 2x10 Tube Amplifier (240v) - Vintage Guitar Boutique
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Product ID: P-4879

Model Overview:

This model boasts a flexible two channel preamp which can be selected by footswitch, or ran together to provide a bit of grit when the non master volume amp is turned right up! Whilst not being particularly feature packed, the amp makes up for it by having great clean headroom, great character and sound, which was the designer's intention. 

Model Specs:

  • Power Class-A dual 6L6 power section
  • Preamp Tremolo
  • Channels 2
  • Speakers 10" Supro CR10
  • Controls Independant Volume & Tone
  • Includes Eye-catching 'Blue Rhino Hide' tolex
  • Type 2 x 10 Tube
  • Voltage 240

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