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Walrus Audio - TWO CHANNEL SWITCH - Remote Switch

Walrus Audio - TWO CHANNEL SWITCH - Remote Switch - Vintage Guitar Boutique
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Product ID: P-8785

Effect Overview:

Use the 2-channel remote switch to control either the Descent or Vanguard's two foot switches on a TRS cable: This means that you can store the larger Walrus pedals either at the back of your board, in a rack, or on another part of the stage and control them remotely allowing you to save space at your most used part of your pedalboard; the front. 

Effect Specs:

  • Preset Footswitch –Changes between presets
  • Bypass Footswitch / Preset Save – Push down Bypass to turn the pedal on and off.  To save a setting and add the setting to your bank of presets, hold the Bypass footswitch down until the ‘Preset’ LED flashes.

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